21st Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT) Annual Meeting, Mainz, May 2024

A DNA plasmid melanoma cancer vaccine, SCIB1, combined with nivolumab + ipilimumab in patients with advanced unresectable melanoma

Samantha Paston, Heather Shaw, Poulam Patel, Miranda Payne, Satish Kumar, Sarah Danson, Martin Highley, Clare Barlow, Robert Miller, Gaëlle Cane, Joseph Chadwick, Sabaria Shah, Victoria Brentville, Rachael Metheringham, Georgia Goodhew, Fayaz Master and Lindy Durrant

Isolation and characterisation of TCRs that recognise Citrullinated and Homocitrullinated post translationally modified peptides

Samantha Paston, Ruhul Choudhury, Sabaria Shah, Gaëlle Cane, Joseph Chadwick, Rachael Metheringham, Fayaz Master, Rebecca Herbertson, Lindy Durrant