EuroMAbNet 6th Antibody Validation Workshop and 12th Meeting, Hamburg, 22-24 September 2022

Unlocking the unique potential of AvidiMAb® in fighting cancer

Bubacarr G Kaira, Foram Dave, Elena Dubinina, Omar Mohammed, Bryony Heath, Poonam Vaghela, Ruhul Choudhury, Tina Parsons, Smantha Paston and Mireille Vankemmelbeke and Lindy G Durrant

GlyMabs, glycome-targeting monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy

Ruhul H Choudhury, Omar Mohammed, Foram Dave, Bubacarr Kaira, Poonam Vaghela, Bryony Heath, Elena Dubinina, Tina Parsons, Mireille Vankemmelbeke and Lindy  G Durrant


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