Seventh International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference (CICON23), Milan, September 2023

Modi-2, a vaccine targeting homocitrullinated self-epitopes, stimulates potent CD4-mediated anti-tumour responses as a therapy for solid cancers

Abdullah Al-Omari, Katherine Cook, Peter Symonds, Anne Skinner, Yaling Zhu, Vince Coble, Nazim Uddin, Priscilla Ranglani, Adrian Parry, Sally Adams, Geoffrey Lynn, Lindy Durrant and Victoria Brentville

Vaccination stimulating post-translational modification specific Th1 responses repolarises the tumour environment to reduce suppressive LAP expressing T cells

Suha Atabani, Katherine Cook, Peter Symonds, Ian Daniels, Ruhul Choudhury, Alissa Wright, Anne Skinner, Victoria Brentville and Lindy Durrant